The year of the divorce (2013) was the second year that Denver had a Comic Con. We had known about it the year before as a friend  of mine had had her photo taken with James Marsters and I was quite jealous but I really never thought that Con was a place for me. I knew it was something my kids  would enjoy and in 2014, when it was announced that Stan Lee was going to be there, I knew I would never be forgiven if I didn’t bring them. I had no desire to attend. I was going through the divorce. I really wanted to hide from the world but bought tickets. We drove over 300 miles to my mom’s in Denver and went to the convention center the next morning. I was sure that I was going to be bored senseless. I brought a book and money for wine. Little did I know that I would love my weekend. I hardly saw my kids and didn’t read at all. I ended up people watching the entire time. I even had a gentleman buy me a glass of wine and we spent a few hours talking. I sure needed that.

This weekend just ended out fifth Con. One child was unable to attend but the three of us that did go had a great time. We have become avid cosplayers and we all have our different things that we like to do at Con. My youngest loves to go to gaming and cosplay panels and hang with friends. I love going to celebrity panels and meeting the various celebrities. My oldest does the same as I do, for the  most part but spends a LOT more money on autographs and photos. I love getting to know that a celebrity that I like is a good person. Occasionally, we find out the opposite. My middle kiddo likes to people watch and meet people. She rarely meets celebrities or even goes to panels.

I am not a person that normally likes crowds but it is so different when you are in a crowd of nerds. It is funny how polite everyone is. Everyone is just enthralled with others creativity. We talk to so many strangers. I love seeing all the different fandoms and have developed a lot of new ones due to Con.When you bump into someone at Con, both of you apologize profusely. You do not hear about fights. You are much more likely to get a random hug than a scowl. Due to Con, I have embraced my nerdiness. I plan on sharing some of my Con experiences here, too. I definitely have some new loves after this year. None that are relationship bound but actors that I will follow after finding out what amazing humans they are. I will share in a later post.


The following is a video from the first Comic Con I attended. I went to see Wil Wheaton expecting him to be like so many of the others. Interesting to listen to and get to know him a bit personally. Little did I know that the last question, from a little girl, would change so many things. I went from being a fan of his to being a super fan of his. I now highly admire this man and look up to him. When a grown man can make a room full of people, men and women, cry, it changes you. Watch this and see if it doesn’t affect you, too.

Now, the reason I am talking about this is how my daughter has taken to using this. She has become a teacher since that event and has always been a person that looks out for others and hates injustice. She has never tolerated bullying of any sort and is using this in her classroom after seeing some kids being picked on for loving Dr. Who. She showed this video to her classes and gave each kid a sticky note. She asked them to all write something that they love on the post it and she has a space in her classroom for these all to go. She told me some of the things that the kids wrote and is was amazing. She said that some were as simple as “football” but some were more deep as “helping people”. I look forward to hearing what the kids put up there over the year and how this progresses. Obviously, I do not need to say how proud of her that I am. She is an amazing young lade and I expect an awesome teacher,