Wow!!! That is how this week is described. We did not make it until Thursday. In fact, we have seen each other every day. We text constantly. Tuesday night, we went on a walk on the river walk and then just sat by the river and talked. We have talked about so much- past relationships, health, money, family, childhood, and more.  We are comfortable with silence together. That usually doesn’t come so early. Wednesday was my game night. I had told him that he could join us. He showed up eventually and joined us for a game. We then went to Coldstone and had a little time alone. Thursday, we were supposed to eat and walk on the Riverwalk but it was storming. We ended up making out for a while after dinner. Friday, we played pool and today we went on a hike and more ice cream.  We decided to spend tonight without each other. He can ride his mountain bike and I can chill at home with some wine and probably read. I know I will sleep for more than seven hours tonight.

I know it has only been a little over a week but I see no red flags yet. We respect each others individuality. We both wanted to be together tonight but we also know that it is good to have our own time and that it is not realistic to be together every night. He keeps telling me that he is not going anywhere. He is an amazing kisser and I am very much looking forward to more. I love his body and his sense of humor. His smile makes me melt. He loves my muscles and I love his. We both appreciate what goes into having them.

Last night, I saw that I possibly see a future with him. He is a closet romantic. He told me the other day that he loves giving foot massages but last night, he almost made me cry. I was talking about my nails. They are the only area where I am real girly-girl. He looked down at my feet. The nails are not painted at this time. I asked him if he liked toenails painted. He looked at me and stated that he actually liked PAINTING nails. He talked about how it is such an intimate thing. I realized at that moment that I could love this  man. I have no idea what the future holds but this guys is amazing. He reads romance novels and his favorite movie is Pretty Woman. I actually love that we have different interests but respect the need for individuality BUT we are willing to try new things. He is thrilled that I can ice skate because he grew up on ice skates. I am not good but it is fun.  He wants to try to get me mountain biking. I told him that I would try but I can’t imagine that I will like it  more than hiking. We are planning a weekend in Moab in a few weeks. I am hoping we continue so well. I cannot believe how I am feeling and how not scared I am. I think about him constantly and cannot wait to be with him again. We both now we are in a honeymoon phase and it doesn’t usually last forever but we sure are enjoying what is going on.