New guy and I texted off and on all day Sunday. We decided to have our next date on Thursday after work. I told him that I was hoping it would be sooner and he said too much of a good thing us not a good thing. I actually agree with him. If we are going to be sensible and take this slow and really give us a chance, we need to not become each others worlds. I was disappointed but thought it would definitely be Thursday. I was okay with it but wanted to see him sooner.
We were texting in the morning yesterday and he ended up inviting me to join him and his friend for their weekly burger night. I was very excited that he did that. When he got off work, he went to one of the coffee shops on main and sat outside. He texted me asking where I was. After I passed him and we talked a couple of minutes, he quickly left that spot. I am sure he was there just to see me. I actually drove by in the city vehicle two times and saw him looking up occasionally. It was sweet to see. On our fist date on Saturday, I found out that he has a quick and fun sense of humor. I always joke that I am a street walker. He had seen me on the streets before but he laughed that from now on, he will imagine red stilettos and mentioned something about a pole. I had to act on that yesterday. I spoke to him at the coffee shop for a couple of minutes and then said I had to get back to work. I took a few steps away and then swung around on one of the parking meter poles. He laughed so hard. He told me later that he was so glad that he decided to look up and watch me walking away. He was very pleased when I told him I would join him for burgers.
I got off work at six and went to the restaurant. He got there a couple of minutes later. He had gone, showered and changed clothes. He looked so nice. Dinner was awesome. He friend was nice and had no problem with me joining them. He hugged me when he got there but other than that, no touching. I am such a touchy person that no touch is difficult for me. I did so well though. Towards the end of the night, I did reach up and kiss his cheek. I told him that I couldn’t wait any longer. After dinner, his friend left and told me that he would see me next week. We left the restaurant and he asked if he could walk me to my car. He immediately grabbed my hand. It felt so nice. About a half a block later, he pulls me into an alcove and kisses me. Wow again. We get to my car, kiss some more, and he says goodnight. He is so polite. He hasn’t touched anything “inappropriate” but he is definitely interested. I will have to behave myself with this one and take it slow. I don’t want to mess this up. This guy actually has potential.

He told me on Saturday that he actually has three very good things to offer a woman. 1. He is articulate.   2. He knows how to love and 3. He knows how to receive love. Ex-bf had two out of three but didn’t know how to receive love. That is the main reason we couldn’t work. I love that new guy is not afraid of love.
Supposedly, we won’t see each other until Thursday but I doubt that will happen. He was the first thing I thought of when I woke this morning and told him that. He didn’t get scared off. I am hopeful and not afraid. It feels right. We will see what happens but I definitely have a crush on him. I am determined to not get clingy but I am definitely distracted by him.