I have been really enjoying my alone time and have been thinking a lot about why I do not seem to care about finding someone a this time. I have been lifting weights (with my new bowflex) for over a month now. I have been focusing on me. I did a post of Facebook about how I keep meeting men and having no interest in them.  I have several asking me out but I just am not interested in any of them. I did meet a man at work the other day that made me laugh. He walked with me for about two blocks and we talked and I thought that maybe ….. He wasn’t that good looking but he seemed funny. He stated he wanted to buy me a beer sometime and I told  him that no one would  be upset if  he did. He looked shocked and asked for my phone number. It was just a couple of texts in that I started wondering about him but decided to see what happened. I decided to look him up on Facebook and was very disappointed to see him using in public posts terms like Libtard. I knew at that moment that I should have stopped communication but did not. It had been so long since someone had made me laugh.

We finally decided to meet for a drink last night. He told me that a couple of his buddies and he meet every Thursday night at this bar and asked me to join him. I thought that was a bit odd and by the time I got off work, I really did not want to go. Within minutes of getting there, I knew I was right. He was crude, rude, loud. When I mentioned what I saw on Facebook, he went on this ten minute tangent about the homeless in town. He showed absolutely NO COMPASSION. We talked about my job a bit and bike lanes were mentioned and he basically said to run them over. I was NOT impressed. He has introduced me to his two friends and there was another guy sitting there that I thought was with them so asked about him. Turns out, he was NOT part of the group. He and I caught each others eye but he went to another part of the bar to watch the football game. He kept looking at me all night and at one time, Mr Crude went to the bathroom and the cute guy mentioned that I was in the dark side at the moment. I was so glad to see my BF across the bar a bit later. I was trying to figure out an escape. I went over to BF  and asked him to help me. He was on a date and was wonderful. My kiddo was on the phone with him asking if she could crash at his place so she wouldn’t have to drive all the way home. He came over and mentioned that in front of Mr Crude so I used the fact that I had to come home soon to take care of dogs as my excuse. I told him bye and left. I walked into the back door as I wanted to go back in to see the cute guy. Mr Crude was not leaving. I asked one  of the waitresses to let me know when he left. She laughed and told me that they often have to kick him out drunk and tell him to shut up. Not encouraging. UGH… So, I decided to have her deliver a note to the cute guy.

I have never done that before but am glad that I did. He contacted me pretty quickly and asked me if I would like to go have ice cream with him this weekend.  We texted off and on all day. I am actually excited for a date for the first time in a long time. I know very little about him but he was part of a couple of the conversations last night and he and I seem like we may be compatible. We will see. Tomorrow at three, I am meeting him in town for ice cream. Now I need to figure out how to get Mr Crude to leave me alone.