When I was out of town with my sister and her teenage son, I found out that the boy shaves his legs, arms, chest, as well as his face since he is very hairy. I cannot imagine that he is THAT hairy. His father sure wasn’t and neither is my dad. I was very surprised to hear this but my sister told me that all men do this now. I had to disagree with her and couldn’t help but wonder if my nephew shaves because his mother tells him that the hair is gross and how hairy he actually is.  My son, who is 18 months older than his cousin only shaves his face (occasionally). He usually wears facial hair. He has very little hair on his chest, if any. He has hairy legs but not excessive. I personally do not like overly hairy men but would not insist on him shaving. If I was with a man with a hairy back, I would prefer him to shave it but would not insist on it. Since my divorce, I was had one boyfriend that was quite hairy and it was okay. I liked him so it wasn’t a big deal. I do like a little manscaping for intimate moments but don’t expect the men to shave their legs, chests, arms or anything else. I expect a man to have hairy legs unless he is a swimmer or bicyclist.  I do shave my legs and armpits but for ME. If I chose to not do so, I would have a problem with someone that insisted on it. What are my readers thoughts on this? I am quite curious.