My weekend definitely didn’t go as planned. I had planned to ski one or both days but I was stuck in my driveway and my 4WD died. I finally had to have my car pulled out today after spending all day yesterday digging and trying to get it out. I woke with a migraine today and decided to relax during the morning while I waited for the tow truck and the medicine to kick in.

While I was sitting here on my sofa, I had my computer open and saw that A was on line and dropped him a line just saying hi and saying I was hoping he was doing well. We left it previously with him seeing someone else and me telling him that it was up to him if we remained friends. I don’t know what  made me contact him this morning. It was an impulse action and I didn’t expect a response. I was so surprised  to hear back from him and we had a long talk. Turns out that he is not seeing anyone anymore and had actually been thinking about me. We are going to get together tomorrow. He only has a few more weeks left here before he gets his parole transfer and goes back to Arizona. When I told him that I thought we would never talk again, he apologized and said that was sad. He felt real bad when I told him about how the ex-husband filed for divorce. He apologized for doing the same thing to me. I explained that I wasn’t mad about us stopping seeing each other but how he did it. I am so glad that we were able to talk about things. He told me how he had needed some time alone after prison and the halfway house but he is better now. Tomorrow night should be interesting. The funniest thing was how we both thought the other had grown attached to the other and were concerned about it.  I am glad that I followed my impulse this time and look forward to talking to him in person tomorrow after work.