When I started my job nine months ago, I had no idea that I would love it so much. I figured that in many ways it would be awful but I would have good pay and benefits and get away from a desk. I had no idea that I would quickly decide that this is one of my favorite jobs of all time. I think that I must say to myself at least once a day how much I love my job. I have never had that before. My job is not perfect. I get cold. I get hot. I get tired. Occasionally, people get nasty but I want to share one of the reasons that I love my job.

In this time of turmoil and stress in this country (and world) I love that at least once a day, I get to see people being good for no reason but to just be good. The most common one that I see is someone paying meters for expired cars that they do not own. That is not always legal so if you want to do it where you are, you might get in trouble. In our town, the ordinance is you cannot pay a meter on a car that already has a ticket. So often, I will have people paying meters for others. There are a few people that have really stood out. I had one young soldier that not only fed the meter for one car but walked down the block and fed meters that were expired until he ran out of quarters. I asked him why and he told me that when he was in Afghanistan a friend of his had been driving his car and received a few tickets. When he got back home and got his car, he proceeded to get booted as his friend never paid the tickets. He could have been nasty with me for being a person that might have booted his car but instead, he chose to pay it forward to others and help others not get tickets. There is one lady in town that makes a habit of paying expired meters in town. She pays for a parking pass for herself. Most recently, I was writing a ticket on a car outside a school. Some young boy about fourteen came out and stuck a dime in the meter and asked if he saved them. I thought at first that it was his moms car but he had no idea whose it was. When someone does this small act of kindness, I always thank them and it gives me hope in humanity.

I will be happy to share more of the positive stories from my job as time goes on. I never thought that writing parking tickets would help me see the good in people but it does every day. I love my job and love going to work every day.