1. Remember the rules apply to you. If they don’t, you know that ahead of time. The rules may be different where you live. You are responsible to following the rules where you are. So many tourists basically ask why we expect them to follow our rules. If I were in their home town, I would be expected to follow theirs.
2. Pay your meter!! If you are “only going to be a minute” put in a dime. It takes 60 – 90 seconds to write a ticket. That dime could save you $25 (or more, in many places) Put in an extra quarter for more time than you think you will need yet set the timer on your phone for what you expect. The cashier/waitress/crowds will slow you down or you will run into a friend and get to talking.
3. Park within the white lines. It is not that hard. Not wholly in space is a real ticket. it you cannot park legally, find another spot. Do not park illegally because the guy before you did. They may leave before the meter maid gets there and you only get a ticket.
4. Do NOT park in a red zone ever or a blue or yellow zone unless you are allowed to. Make sure you HANG your handicap placard and that it is valid. If it is expired or belongs to your dead mother in law, it is NOT legal to use it.
5. Park in the right direction. In Durango, it is illegal to back into the diagonal spots. It is dangerous to do so on one way streets when you are facing the wrong way and you WILL get a ticket. Park parallel where it is parallel and diagonal where it is diagonal.
6. Check your registration stickers. You have no idea how often I write tickets for expired registration. Check periodically to make sure that they haven’t been stolen or fallen off. One thing I never thought of, if you rent a car, make sure the registration is valid. I write a LOT of tickets on rental cars with expired registration.
7. Lastly, if you come out and find one of us writing a ticket, be nice. We can often stop or dismiss the ticket but if you are a jerk, it is less likely to happen.
Happy parking, my friends. We would rather educate than give a citation. I do LOVE my job.
PS. If you get tickets, pay them. Boots NEVER happen at a convenient time.