I have been in medicine most of my adult life. Of course, I have had other jobs but medicine has been my passion. I had wanted to be in medicine since I was ten. I wasn’t sure at that time what I wanted to do. As I got older, I lost my confidence in myself and didn’t finish college. There were many reasons but it sure did limit my choices in my field of choice. I ended up joining the Army and became a Physical Therapy Technician (91J) I loved that job and would have easily made that my career until I met the ex-husband.  We got married and he hated the military life. I got pregnant and chose my family over my career. That was a horrible mistake that I have always regretted. Girls, do NOT do that. I spent several years basically an at home mom that was in the Army Reserves doing PT. At least I still have my military life to an extent, my medical field, and a paycheck. When we escaped Illinois and came back to Colorado, there wasn’t a medical unit near where we live so I chose to get out of the Reserves. I still miss that. For many years, I stayed home and was a mom. I loved being able to participate in the kids school lives when they were young and never regret that choice. I have always known the kids friends and activities.

Finally, we decided I should go back to work. I ended up getting on the job training as a Polysomnograph and EEG technician. It was a very interesting job and I learned a LOT about sleep, brain waves, even hearts. I did that for seven years but eventually the graveyard shift was too much. It did enable me to still be the mom I wanted to be as I worked weekends so was able to be with the kids during the week and we were still able to have family meals every day.

My most recent medical job was front desk at the largest family practice in the area. I actually loved that job for many years until we were purchased by Centura Health. The only reason I stayed for years after that change was the divorce was the same year. I knew I couldn’t emotionally do two major changes in the same year. The job got worse and worse and I grew to hate going to work. My new supervisor was awful and if she liked you, you were treated well but if she didn’t, she would railroad you and you were gone. I sucked up for a while but eventually, I didn’t anymore. The job became toxic. The turnover was horrible. I didn’t know anyone I worked with anymore and actually didn’t trust anyone anymore. It was time to leave. It was very mutual. I spent 24 hours feeling sorry for myself. I then spent 24 hours making a resume which I had never done before and applying for jobs. I applied for several. Was offered five interviews, took three, was offered three jobs. It was tough to decide what to choose but I chose correctly. I am now a meter maid and love my job. It is the most stress free job that I have ever had. I do have some fun stories from time to time and want to share with you here. It is strange being out of medicine after almost 30 years but it was time for a major change. I doubt I will ever go back