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The lovely Giulia tagged me in this chain tag which is basically a fun little Q&A created by David! If you’d like to find out a little more about me or answer the quiz yourself, keep reading!

The Rules: 

  • Mention the creator of the TAG
  • Use the image that you find in this article.
  • Mention the blogger who has chosen you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog. Make sure to check out who I tagged!


The Q&A

1.Describe your 2016 in 3 words.

  • Challenging
  • Demanding
  • Exciting


  1. Write the names of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.


Ben- My ex-bf. We were never really a couple in 2016 but he has been such an influence in helping me find myself and be independent and healthy. He is still the first person I contact about ANYTHING.

Justin- My son. He graduated from high school this year so much of the year was focused on him- finishing high school, starting college. I have missed him more than I thought I could miss someone.

  1. Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.


I really didn’t travel or do much this year. I did go to Destin, Florida. The beaches there are amazing but unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative so I didn’t really get to enjoy the scenery. So, I guess the best was Lake Eileen up the road from me on a hike with my pups. It is isolated and quiet after a moderate hike. The pups loved getting in the water. I loved the quiet.


  1.  Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

Another difficult one. I have had a pretty calm year. Hmmm. I honestly can’t think of anything out of the ordinary delicious that I had last year.

5.Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (even global event).

Being fired from my first job ever and completely doing a job change. Left medicine that I have been in for almost thirty years and now am a parking enforcement officer.

  1. Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want link a photo.

My little red dress I bought during the holidays. I haven’t worn it yet but cannot wait.

  1. Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.
  • To blog regularly
  • To get better fit, including a flat stomach again.
  • To get my finances in order and find a way to live using as little of the alimony as possible. (It will go away someday)


  1. Write 1 placed you want to visit in 2017.

I am going to New York City for the first time in June to see my son and his choir sing at Carnegie Hall


  1. Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

I love food but cannot think of anything for this one either. I am sure I can find something in NYC.


Thanks for reading, and feel free to give the tag a go! Bloggers below, you’re next! I’m looking forward to learning more about you



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