Now I know why nice guys get so tired or being told they are nice guys. Since I started dating again, I have had several guys tell me that I am beautiful, sexy, wonderful, great, etc. They have told me that they are sure that I will find someone (but they are not it). R has done that to me but he was honest real early with me. It did hurt at first. We talked a lot and decided that we would still see each other and be FWB. There was a time over the summer that I thought maybe things had changed but after discussing it again, I realized I was wrong. We have been able to still enjoy each other because of his honesty. The married one (who I still need to talk about more) has been totally honest with me and his wife.

Unfortunately, A couldn’t be honest with me and really hurt me. He was living in a halfway house until now and so we have hardly had any time together. During the holidays, I was feeling bad for him for not being able to go out and enjoy things. I felt bad for him being alone. He gets a parole transfer in March and will be leaving the state. I knew from the moment that we met that we would not have a future but have enjoyed our time together. Last time we hung out, I realized I was glad about that. I didn’t want a future with him but figured that I would still hang out with him while he was here so he would have a friend. We were never a couple. We actually have had very little time together due to his restrictions at the halfway house. He encouraged me to date other guys but didn’t want to hear about them. No biggie. Last night, I sent him a message via Facebook (he doesn’t have a phone) asking him how he was doing. He sent me a message back telling me that he wanted to wait for the holidays to be over but he is seeing someone else. He went on to tell me how wonderful I am and how I would find someone. I truly am not upset that he found someone but the fact that he couldn’t tell me earlier bothers me. I hope that possibly this girl is someone he can be happy with. I know I was not. I am also hurt to get the nice girl message again.

I couldn’t believe how much this bothered me. I cried off and on all morning. I do know some of it was the nice girl thing but another has to do with my divorce. I will share that particular thing soon. It is difficult though always being told by decent guys that I am nice but …. and the guys that really fall for me become obsessive.  Isn’t there a happy medium out there? One of my male friends told me a few weeks ago that men are more trouble than they are worth. Maybe he is right. Maybe I am better off alone. I have basically pulled myself off the market. I am not looking anymore. I don’t want to be the nice girl again for a while.