Wow, I made it through today. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be with my eldest not coming home and my ex-bf being with someone else.  Amazingly, I did great. I had a good day. We all slept in. We woke up and did our stockings for the others and then talked a bit before we actually went to see what Santa brought. Luckily, my eldest had done some shopping so the stockings weren’t empty. We were all very happy with what were happy with what we got. The kiddos were cute with their Santa gifts. After that, we did our presents and were laughing and having a great time until the eldest called. She sounded so sad. She chose to spend the holiday with her dad and his new girlfriend that has always treated her poorly. She stated this woman had hardly spoken two words to her since she got there. I almost let this conversation get me down but I had to remind myself that she is almost 26 and chose to spend the holiday with them. I cannot let that get me down. I was having fun and I do have to be happy that she wants a better relationship with her dad than I have with mine. Unfortunately, as long as he is with the woman he is with, there will b problems. He will never tell the gal to treat his kid better. He never told his family to treat me better in twenty-three years.

Presents were good, though few, and we just chilled most of the day. I did get some nice glasses and serving dishes so we did rearrange the kitchen a bit to find  place for the new stuff and get rid of the stuff I no longer use or need. We have watched a couple of movies, napped, ate lots of leftovers from the party and just enjoyed each others company. We just munched on food all day and did not have a formal dinner. If we can get out of the driveway tomorrow,  I will go buy some things for dinner tomorrow. The middle kiddo is stuck in the middle o the driveway due to about a foot of snow that fell in the past 24 hours. If not, we have no formal dinner but we had each other. My first Christmas being “alone” in ages. The first one post-divorce doesn’t count. I was still numb. Maybe, next season will be better for me. I have come to realize that I am fine being alone. I haven’t felt lonely all day.

I love my kids and really don’t need anything or anyone else but have some amazing friends, in addition to my kids. I had a good day even without my eldest and a significant other. Sometime tomorrow, my eldest will get here and we will have a little time together before she heads home. I hope she had a decent day. Of course, the ex-hubby didn’t call the other two. He sent them a text and he wonders why they want nothing to do with him. Oh well. We all pay for our choices. She chose to spend the day with her dad. He chose to walk out on his family. The other two chose to spend the holiday with me. I choose daily to be happy with ME.

Tomorrow, we will dig a car out of the driveway and probably actually move a bit but today has been close to perfect. I have my kids and myself. I do not need anyone else. I am happy and content with my life just the way it is. Okay, a bit more money wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I hope you all had a great day and enjoy  the rest of your holiday season. Thanks for reading. This blog is healing for me and the fact I have anyone read at all is nice.