Last Friday, I spent the evening with Ex-B. We had a great night. We met first for a drink and a nice little bar in town. We walked through town to a store having an event and our friends band was playing, and then we went to dinner.

We laughed, we talked, we caught up. We shared what has been going on with our love lives. He told me that he loves someone else now. He shared so much but also asked if I was okay hearing it. I told him I was because I actually am. It hurt but I also want him to be happy and we are not right together at this time. There were a couple of times that I got teary and my dear sweet B pulled out a hanky for me like he has so many time in our relationship.  He even told me that maybe when we are old and grey. I wonder when that is. I shared what has been going on  with me and R, A, and the new guy I met. He seemed so pleased that I was doing so well and actually am happy. We talked about the growth we both have had since we met in July of 2014. We both want the other to be happy. I do believe that we both feel it is bittersweet that we are moving on because we do care about each other so much.  At one time during the night, I told him that I love him. He has had a difficult time hearing that since we quit seeing each other. He always took it as I was pining for him. This time though, he actually told me that he loved me too. I think he finally understands that, yes I love him BUT I am not pining for him. I am wanting him to be happy. I reminded him that I told him when we were dating that I loved him enough to let him go and I feel the same way now. It was a great night and I loved spending it with him. I doubt we will have time alone together much now. The woman that he has fallen for has agreed to be exclusive with him. She knows about me and knows we are friends but I also know how he is when he is in love. He will give her all his time that he can. I am so glad that he and I had that one last night. He walked me to the car, gave me a friendly hug and kiss and said good night. I ended up crying all the way home and through the night. I will always love him. I told  him that two years ago. I told him that unless he really screwed up, I would always love him. Once I love someone, I tend to always unless they are hateful to me. After this week, I am sure he believes me. I was giving him true advice for him and this new woman. I told him that if he loves her and thinks there can be a future to fight for her. I told him that I was here for him and would always be. When she agreed to give him a commitment, I congratulated him. I am being a friend now, even though it breaks my heart every time. I have to let him go, I love him enough to do so,