Last I posted about my relationships, I was worried about MrP and what was going on with him. Boy, was I right. He told me after just a few weeks that he loved me. I knew it was too soon. I knew he couldn’t really love me. He didn’t know me yet. We went out on Veteran’s Day and had a great date, I thought, but then I pretty much didn’t hear from him again. Turns out that he was brooding on a list he had made of why he wasn’t right for me. Yep, why he isn’t right for me not why I wasn’t right for him. He was fretting over little things that really didn’t matter and didn’t bother me but he was sure they were a problem. The things that were a problem didn’t seem to be an issue for him. His neediness. His calling me four times in a row one night when he knew I was out with a friend. He testing me how he couldn’t stand to be away from me. His telling me he loved me so soon. THOSE were the issues. Those were the things that were making me rethink dating him. We were supposed to go out to a show on Saturday night and he gave me the tickets and told me he couldn’t go out. It is officially over. I was hurt but I think more angry. How dare he tell me what matters to me now and what will be an issue later. He cannot make that decision for me. I am confident enough in myself now that I no longer need my partner and I to be attached at the hip. I have friends that I want to spend time with alone. I do not have to have everything in common with my partner. I want the important things in common- religious views (or lack thereof) and politics are the most important to me. I want someone that loves an understands animals. I want someone that gets along with my kids. I want someone that is comfortable with me being with friends without them. I want to be able to ski, hike, play on river, go to movies, etc with OR without them. We do not have to like all the same things. I do not need a Mr Perfect. He doesn’t exist. I knew this one wasn’t but he seemed so wonderful and a good communicator. Turns out I was wrong. He is a romantic man that has issues and baggage and is no where near ready for a new relationship. I am ready to move forward and play.