I am starting out with an apology for being gone so long. I went out of town for a few days and thought I would be able to blog while gone but had problems with my mothers wireless working on my PC. I finally got it working but not until I caught the damn cold my daughter gave me.  have spent the past week either busy or in bed. I hate being sick. I especially hate being sick during Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I had to many plans this past week and only did one of them. Oh well. Life is still good.

So after my last post, life was crazy before I got sick. That day, banker came over with his kiddos and took two kittens. We ended up going out a couple of days later and had a great time. I had to break the kissing ice though. He kept holding my hand and giving me signals but was not doing any more. I finally asked him if I could kiss him and he smiled and told me that he wondered how he was going to do that. I have definitely learned to break the ice. We had a nice night. We had a difficult time saying goodnight so I thought that maybe something might be developing. We talked about doing things together in the future.  I knew we would not be able to see each other again for a while but did think I would hear from him more than I have.  I went out of town, then he went out of town, then I was sick and he has his kids this weekend. Makes it hard to date. (see dating men with kids) It is tough. I don’t know if he is just so busy, not interested in dating much, or what. I know he likes me as I get occasional texts that are sweet. I just do not see this going anywhere. If he wants it to, he may be losing his chance though.

There had been another man pursuing me recently. That has come and gone quickly. We went out on a couple of dates. He saw me at work. Actually tracked me down to give me flowers at work once (aww, BIG POINTS.) I actually did not feel an initial physical attraction but when he asked me out I said yes. He is obviously a romantic and sweet and interested. Another date with a man I knew nothing about. This meeting in person makes for very different first dates than the online dating, that is for sure. I was afraid he was going to be an ultra-conservative Christian and was so pleasantly please to find that he wasn’t and really enjoyed our date. We quickly planned another one. He met me downtown with a beautiful bouquet of roses and we went to dinner. At some point, this damn election came up. That is where all the points he got previously blew up. It was obvious that we disagreed on major points of view and he stated that maybe we should not discuss politics. I quickly agrees. THEN HE WENT ON BASHING PEOPLE WHO SEE MY POINT OF VIEW an telling me how I HAD to see it his way. I finally told him that he needed to stop or I would have to hate him. The rest of the night went well but I couldn’t shake that. Within a couple of days, I knew that I did NOT want to go out with him again. I was lucky that I was going out of town last week so I didn’t have to tell him yet. I have not heard from him this week. I do need to give him the respect to tell him I am not interested. I don’t want to ghost him.

In the mean time, there is this quiet guy that works in my building. He is polite and considerate. He piqued my interest months ago but I knew nothing about him. Is he married? Is he conservative? Religious? kids? I knew nothing. Eventually, a co-worker mentions to me that he is going through a divorce. Damn, too soon. Oh well. That is what I thought, at least. After my last trip, he noticed the change in my hair and commented on it. What man does that??? After that, he started talking to me more often and eventually asked me out. Turns out, they have been separated for over two years. He had resolved to never dating again but I caught his eye. He told me he felt like he was in high school trying to get the courage to ask the cute girl out. OMG, first date was awesome. I actually let him drive. We met in town and he drove to the next town.  (where everything is) I felt safe. I rarely get in a car with a man prior to several dates. We went to a nice restaurant. I didn’t touch a door. He was a perfect gentleman and we hit it off great!! He is not religious, kind of new age beliefs but I think I can handle that. Better than a bible thump-er any day.  The next day, there was a bouquet of flowers on my desk when I got there. We have clicked. We have been in constant contact. When I was out of town, we talked daily. I am making myself take it slow and not jump into a relationship but it is difficult. I am terrified and excited. Is this the beginning of a new relationship? I think it may be. As I said before, I have been sick all week. He came over the night I came home because he wanted to see me. We just sat here and watched a movie and he cuddled me. Yesterday, he offered to come clean my house while I rested. I did not let him do that. Maybe after we are a couple. He did sit here and keep me company so I would not work around my house. He is wonderful. Too wonderful? I don’t know.

Next blog will be about my confusion but right now it is football time and time for some more tea. I am tired of being SICK!!!