A little background here first. My family is generally fit. We eat well, exercise, and have great genes in many ways. We have very little obesity in my family, on either side.  Growing up, we hiked, water skied, scuba dived, etc. No matter where we lived, we were always active.

Fitness has always been very important to me. When I was seventeen, I discovered weight lifting and fell in love with fitness. I was a faithful reader of Muscle and Fitness for years. I lifted weights and worked on body building. I fell in love with exercise and being in shape. I have the utmost admiration for people that take care of themselves and stay in shape. It isn’t easy. It is so easy to sit back and watch television or read books and eat. So much of the American population has done that and that is why we have an abundance of obesity and diabetes and other health concerns in our country.

When I was twenty-one, I joined the Army and found my home. They encourage fitness. It is required. I was at home. I maxed my PT tests regularly. Push-ups are still one of my favorite exercises.

I thought that I found someone with the same attitude when I got married. We had only known each other a few weeks when we got married. Stupid, I know, wouldn’t do that again. We hadn’t met each others families when we got married. Also, not recommended. I knew for twenty three years that if I had met his dad first, I never would have married him. He was in the Army and in good shape. He was a former jock from high school and also a farm kid. I thought I had found a good fit. Boy, was I wrong. We got married, I got pregnant, he gained more weight than I did. For the rest of our marriage, he was fighting his weight. At one point, I had to tell him that he had to quit growing out of his clothes because our daughter had no choice but to grow and we couldn’t afford new wardrobes for BOTH. His weight would go up and down constantly but he never got to where he was when we got married until just before he filed for divorce. The day we got married, he was 214 and I was 114. His thigh was the size of my waist. Shortly after we got married, I realized that a lot of his family is obese. I discovered that they still ate like they were exercising all the time but they weren’t moving so they all gained weight. I cooked good healthy meals, rarely kept soda in the house, and worked on portion control. We were active for a while but then one day he stopped doing everything but watching television.  He went up and down for years. Shortly before he left me, he got to 205 and looked better than I had ever seen him. This is one of the main reasons that I am sure that he cheated on me.

Well, since the divorce, I have continued to take good care of myself. I still eat well and exercise and now with my new job, I am in better shape than I have been since basic training. Mentally, I am doing great. My depression is under control. I am taking my meds and the exercise and food choices help. I don’t even drink nor want to drink as much as I did the last few years of my marriage.  I saw the ex at a college event over the weekend. I haven’t seen him since May. He is FAT!!!! I was shocked. I practically stared at him in shock. He is almost unrecognizable. He walks like a fat person now and to top it off, his girlfriend is gaining weight and is now diabetic. I feel so petty and horrible that this makes me happy but it does. He couldn’t handle my depression or my back issues. He couldn’t do in sickness and in health with me and now he is with someone that will possibly lose toes or feet. Diabetes is so awful AND they are both overweight. With his apnea at 210 pounds, I am sure is is worse now and he won’t use his CPAP. He obviously is not eating well or exercising. I felt so good walking away from them. They looked like a fat old couple and I was mistaken for 14 years YOUNGER recently. I have been told by a YOUNG man- 17 years my junior how sexy I am. I am getting better with age, like fine wine. I know it is petty but it was good for me. I am happy and healthy. My daughter told me that it is not as wonderful in his paradise as he lets on. They were at a family event recently and I guess it was not all wonderful with him and weasel faced bitch. He has to hide what he eats from her. My son told me they were not allowed to let her know they went to DQ. My other daughter told me that he didn’t eat when they went out because he is watching what he eats. Here I am eating everything and anything I want and still look good.I am still in shock at how bad he looks. He looks nothing like the man I married back in 1990. It is very sad but he has made his choices.

I may be alone but I would rather be alone than settle. I will never do that again. I am happy with ME!!!