And now the opposite spectrum, dating a man (person) that is a retiree and has all freedom.

Since I started dating, I have met so many different people and been out on quite a few first dates, a few second and third dates and actually dated a few men enough to consider them as possible boyfriends or exclusive. As I mentioned in the previous post, dating a man with young children provides complications but dating a man that doesn’t work creates their own.

I am far from financially secure and do not want to be dependent on anyone again. When I have gone out with someone that doesn’t have to work, I always feel that there is no way that I could give them the time that would be needed in the possible relationship. I feel I would be possibly dependent on them for everything and then would feel that I owed them. I feel it would create an imbalance in the relationship both financially and physically. I would be jealous that I had to work every day while they could go play. My ex-BF was self employed and would work when he wanted to. He definitely made a lot more money than I do and that was an issue from time to time. He didn’t want me to be dependent on him, either. I met a very nice man recently that is retired. He is always out playing and I hardly ever am. When I am in a relationship, I want a lot of time with the other person but also time to myself at times. I wonder if a nice balance could be found where we would both get enough alone and couple time, if I were interested in him. Luckily, in this case, I am not. He is a nice man but I didn’t feel the chemistry when we had our date so I don’t know if we will see each other again.

This dating world sure is different and difficult at times.  What are your thoughts on this?