I actually went out of town for a few days and had planned on blogging a couple of times when gone and then, of course, when I got back but the best laid plans……

I got back to a broken hot water heater so spent several days stressing on that and trying to get that fixed. I had some communication issues with my plumber and ended up learning how to change a thermocoupler by myself. I was without hot water for several days but feel so accomplished and proud that I did this by myself. After so many years of having a Mr Fix it as a husband, it is nice to be able to learn to do things on my own and start feeling like I do not NEED a man to fix things for me. It is nice to not have to spend my money on things like that. It was a $12 fix with some advice from a couple of friends and a you tube video.

I am having surgery this week but should be able to get back to posting regularly. I have several ideas for future posts. Thanks for being patient with me.