Something that I have unfortunately learned about in this new dating world is called ghosting. I really do NOT understand the rudeness of ghosting. If you aren’t interested, let him/her know. Be an adult and communicate!!!I believe that anyone that “ghosts” probably is not in any way ready for a decent relationship.

If you do not know what Ghosting is, I understand. I actually learned the term recently after having had it done to me a few times. You go out on a date or two with someone. You think it went well but the other someone never contacts you again. You are left wondering what happened? Did you do something wrong? Did they find someone else?Did you have spinach in your teeth? Did you talk too much? Too little? Did you smell? If you had sex, was that all they wanted or were you bad? If you didn’t have sex, were they upset about that and thought you might never? So many things can run through your head.

I don’t know if I have ever ghosted someone. I don’t think I have. I have tried to respond to guys after dates and let them know why I don’t want to see them again, if that is the case. Many times, they try to get me to change my mind BUT at least I am being honest with them. I think this goes with just being respectful of other humans in general. Dating is difficult and scary. Every first date has potential. Some, you know immediately, that there is no future, some it takes longer, but they all deserve the respect of letting them know if you do not want to see them again. This goes both ways, too.

I recently had this happen to me. I am so confused. I had a great date with a man that I almost didn’t go out with. He was younger and didn’t fit my physical appeal in one large way. We had a great time though and I did ended up at his place. Our date started at 6 pm and at 2, we were leaving the restaurant/bar. we laughed, talked, etc. We had so much in common. Afterwards, we communicated a lot for about a week. we had one more night together and discussed having time later in the summer after his kids went back to their moms. I went out of town and he sent me one text when I was gone and never heard from him again. At first, I figured he was just enjoying his 6 weeks with his kids. At five weeks, I texted him and told him that I was hoping that he was having a great time and hoping to hear from him soon I sent a couple more texts in the next couple of weeks but never heard back. Eventually, I noticed that he not only deleted me from  Facebook but he blocked me. Obviously, he wants nothing to do with me and I have no idea why. I was hurt and confused. I obviously do not want to date him know but sure would have appreciated an explanation from him. I saw him on the street today. He looked straight at me and turned his back on me and got in his car and drove away. I will never contact him again. I won’t go by his house. I have no desire to “stalk” him, but I wish that he would let me know what happened.

Why are people so immature as to not let someone know directly that they do not want to see someone again? It is only a matter or courtesy. I work in a small town and the men I date are also in this small town. I pass this particular man’s office almost daily. We are bound to run into each other at some time. Hell, I might even give him a ticket sometime. Chances are pretty good that he will HAVE to acknowledge me at some time. This current behavior of his will make it so much more uncomfortable than it has to be. All he had to do was tell me that he was no longer interested, with or without an explanation, but instead, he hid after leading me on. He hurt me and now I am more leery of dating. It is a scary world out there. Dating is difficult. We should all act mature and treat the others with respect, whether we are interested or not.