Life is so funny. Two weeks ago, I had very few prospects for even dates. There have been a couple of men that have expressed interest in me but for various reasons, I have still been discouraged. There is one gentleman that is super nice but I feel he is in a rush for a relationship. He hasn’t even been divorced a year after a long marriage. He is one of those men that will be living with or married quite quickly. I do not want a man that needs a wife. He is real nice BUT  not for me. That is where I have been lately. I have hardly had a date in weeks except for the two I discussed in a previous post. Suddenly, I have several men around again. When it rains it pours, I guess.

The ex BF (B) and I have not been fooling around and we have hardly seen each other. It is difficult to feel like I am losing my best friend but I guess that is the direction it is going. He has met a woman that he is interested in and has been hanging around other people a lot while I have been down and hanging out alone at home. I miss him but I guess this is probably for the best. I just hope I can find with someone else what I had with him. I have never had such good communication with anyone before. It was a wonderful thing. It is one of the reasons that I still love him so much and always will.

I have had a little time with number two (R) this week. We went to the rec center this week and had a nice date last night. I am still quite confused about what is going on with us.

In the mean time, there has been a new man at a meet-up that I attend that has really piqued my interest.Yesterday, I received a phone call from a man I was speaking to 9 months ago on one of the dating sites. I quit talking to him after R and I met and hit it off. The third one I started talking to on OK Cupid and we have a first date on Sunday. This has definitely been an interesting week.

I have been feeling real down and lonely lately which is probably not a good time to be going out on dates with new men but they also have been good for me this week Today is my first birthday without my son since he was born. I took the day off work but have no plans at this moment for the day. Have a date with girlfriends tonight though.