Well, this weekend went quite well in many ways. Saturday morning, the boy and I drove to his new home. We had a nice drive and day together. We brought my puppy with us so I would’t be alone on the trip home. The drive was uneventful and I just tried to not think about the  fact that he was going to be staying when I came home.

Sunday morning, we went to his new home and unpacked. His roommate, who he has known since he was five moved in and another friend moved in down the hall. It does make it easier knowing that the three of them are together but it sure was difficult to leave him Sunday afternoon. I did extremely well and only cried a little bit when I got in the car. It is so quiet without him here at the house now. I haven’t heard his voice in days. I miss his hugs. I  miss his silliness. He is so different than his sister is. She calls almost daily, still. I guess that is his way I am hoping that I at least get to talk to him tomorrow as it will be my birthday. My first without him since he was born.

I am excited for him and hope he loves college and we can find a way to keep the finances rolling in so he can continue for the next few years. In the mean time, I need to learn my new normal of mom of only adult children. I loved being a mom so much. It is hard to let go and move on now that they do not need me as much.