As I have said previously, I have been on the dating sites off and on for over two and a half years. I have seen a lot of unique profiles and men. One of the things I like about the dating sites is that you can weed out a lot of things that are important to you but you have to be honest with yourself. I have written a long and very honest profile. By the time a man reads my profile, he should know if there is a chance we might be compatible. What I am finding though is that so many only look at photos. I make it clear that I do not want to date a theist or conservative but get men stating they want to meet me but their profiles state the bible is important to them or that they are conservative. Why do they not read my profile? I want a relationship, eventually. I do not want a series of one night stands or meaningless relationships. I do not want to be with someone that these things are a conflict. Eventually, these things become issues. It is very difficult for a long term relationship to happen and last with differences in these issues. I also state that I am currently only interested in dating local men. I get messages from all over the world. I do not want to move anywhere in the near future and do not have the time, energy, or money to have a long distance relationship. They are difficult enough when you are already a couple but to start one that way is even more difficult.

Another things that I do not understand is when they put NOTHING on their profile and expect a woman to respond to them. Blank profiles and no photos do not make me want too even talk to someone. They need to take the time to post something meaningful and post some decent photos. I have met some real nice guys, even fell in love with one, that I met via a dating site but they need to make themselves worth my time to even look at. That is why I actually prefer dating sites to meeting men in other ways. I can weed out religion, politics, and many other mutual interests before even taking the time to talk to someone. You do not have that when you meet someone randomly. The only other way to have that happen is if people introduce you to someone.