I remember when I was ten I realized that I wanted to be in medicine. As soon as I was out of high school, I started working towards that goal. I took first aid classes, thought about being an EMT, studying to be a doctor, so many things crossed my mind. I studied chemistry  in college with the intent on doing something medical with that. I ended up dropping out of college for many reasons. I had low self esteem and didn’t have the confidence in myself to actually make it in medicine especially as a doctor. That was a major factor in my decision. I ended up joining the Army and becoming a physical therapy technician. That was the beginning of many years and a few different jobs in medicine. I was a Polysomnograph and EEG tech for a few years and then, for eight years, I worked the front desk at the largest family medicine practice in town. I loved the job for many years but then some major changes happened and I ended up hating it.

Four months ago, I ended up leaving the hospital suddenly and needing to find a new job asap. I spent one month at a job at the local car dealership but then the county and the city both offered me a job. I ended up taking a job as a “meter maid”. I really though that this would be a decent job but stressful. It turns out that this is my favorite job I have had in ages. Of all the jobs that I have had, this is definitely one of the top ones. Today marked three months at this job. I have not had one day that I have not wanted to go to work OR a bad day at work. Yes, three months without a bad day. I have NEVER had a job that I liked this much. Other jobs that I have loved were landscaping and my time in the Army. I never thought that this would rank so high up for me. I guess when you think about it, it makes sense though. Both the other jobs that I truly loved were also jobs that required physical activity, which is also a passion of mine.  So, yes, meter maid is what I want to be when I grow up. I have wondered for 30 years. I expect to stay with this job until I retire OR until I cannot do this anymore. The pay is good, the benefits are great, and I love my job. I am hoping that I don’t end up missing medicine too much in the future as I do not expect to ever go back to that stressful career. My current job has NO stress. I get to talk to people all day. Pet puppies. Flirt with men. Get flirted with. I am told all the time that I am the hot meter maid. I have to admit, it is a lot more fun than previous jobs.