So after three years of being single, I am in such a better place in every way. I am still struggling with the financial issues though. Every time I think they are getting better, something happens. The latest is an automobile accident my son had a month ago. The deductible isn’t horrible but I haven’t recovered from car repairs in March. Of course, the ex doesn’t help with extras like this for our kids. My son and I sat down today to look at the next year for the beginning of college expenses for him. He has received a few scholarships and loans and a grant but we still need to come up with over 10k for the year. I have no idea how we are going to do this. I am hoping that his dad will be willing to help with some of this. If he doesn’t, I will have to find a way. I am counting on my budget through You Need A Budget to help me through this but I will have to cut down on my going out. That is quite a bummer but my kiddo and his education comes first.