I was blogging for a while when I was married about relationships and life but the ex had a cow and basically forbade me to continue. After he filed for divorce, I was just lost for a while. It would have been a good time to blog but I didn’t. I wish I had but we all know that we cannot change the past. The past couple of years, I have been all about making up for lost time and enjoying my life. It is time for me to start my blog again and share my feelings somewhere besides Facebook.

I plan on talking about every day things and reflecting on my life and things that have happened. I may go back into the past in some of these reflections. I am nearing three years of being unmarried. The funny thing is I am happier than ever and I thought I would not be able to go on. I have learned so much in the past few years. I have learned how to love again and I have learned that I am lovable again. I have learned to truly enjoy sex which I never did in my 23 year marriage. I have learned how dating has changed since the 20’s and how much it has also stayed the same. I have learned what is really important to me in a relationship. I have decided that I would love to combine several man into one to create my perfect partner. There have been a few wonderful men that aren’t quite right. They think so more than I do. I would love to take certain characteristics of each of them. We all have our faults. I am learning mine and I am aware of others. I try to not be overly critical but I also will never settle again like I did the first time around. IF I ever marry again, it will be much better than the first time.  I have learned that the man I was married to is nothing like I thought he was. I thought he was an honorable man. I am so saddened to find out that is not the case.  I have learned how important friendship is. I have learned how important I am. I am a good strong woman. I have good values and care about people. I am stubborn and strong. I am not needy but also love to be cared for and spoiled. I do not want a clingy man. I want a man that wants me and loves me but doesn’t NEED me to be happy and complete. I want a man that will spoil me but not try to control me. I will also spoil him. I love making someone I love happy. In the mean time, I am learning to be independent again. I am getting better all the time on going places and making plans by myself.

I hope that you will follow me here and I can possibly give you encouragement and hope. That was the original reason I started this blog years ago. To share and not feel so alone. I was in a miserable marriage but doing anything I could to save it. I don’t break promises so i would have tried forever to make it work. He broke the promise and his vows. The “good Christian” is now living with another woman after throwing his religion in my face during the divorce. I don’t believe in his (or any other) god but I was willing to fight for our marriage. I have always found that ironic. More to come in future blogs. I am back. I am strong and I am happy.