So this week we have more “random” shootings. I am so tired of seeing news about some freak that goes into somewhere and shoots several people. America, this year, is averaging more than one mass murder a day for 2015. That is a disturbing trend. I am not sure what the answer is. One thing I have to say is I AM NOT ANTI-GUN. I love to shoot. I loved the range in the Army. I was an expert marksman. I loved my M16. I was very efficient with it. Even as a child, I was drawn to the carnival games that were gun related. I am lucky that I have never been to war and have never had to shoot someone. The only reason I do not have a gun at this moment is my daughter and I both fight suicidal tendencies. Until I know we are both stable, there will not be a gun in my house. I know there are other ways to do the deed but a gun is one of the most efficient ways of killing.

I do believe that most gun laws will not prevent these crimes. Banning assault weapons will not stop these things. Mentally ill people and people intent on committing crimes will find a way to get their guns. You can get books or use the internet to find out how to make a bomb, there will always be ways to get guns illegally. That would only stop the collectors and recreational shooters from having them. I had a friend who sold these types of guns and collected them. He took me out shooting and they are fun to shoot- at targets. I have another friend that has several. He wouldn’t hurt an innocent for anything and would die trying to protect anyone. Don’t take the guns away from people like him. This is a mental health issue that needs to be addressed and some restrictions are needed. I do not know why so many people think that background checks and some laws are ways to take their guns away. Most of us are not Rosie O’Donnell and do not want to do that. Background checks would possibly weed out a few people from getting guns they do not need to get. Restricting sizes of magazines could save lives as a mass shooter would have to change magazines more often. We, also, need to increase ability of people to get mental health help and remove the stigma from people for seeking help. Having rules on private sales and requirements for options on firearms to make them not so easy to shoot would also save a few lives. Every time I see a story of some TODDLER accidentally shooting someone, I get sick to my stomach. My mom had a gun all my life. We all knew it wasn’t a TOY and it was not within our reach when we were too young to understand.

Yes, I am in favor of regulations, rules, background checks but I am not in favor of not being able to have ANY kind of gun. Why do so many gun nuts not understand that rules don’t necessarily mean NO guns and why can’t the anti-gun jerks understand that MANY people can have guns and will NEVER randomly shoot people. I hope to never shoot or kill someone but I would to defend my home or family.

What do we need to do, as a country and citizens, to stop these crimes? Why can’t we unite to save these lives. This last gal was the same age as my daughter, just starting her career. I am just sickened by all these shootings. Crazies and bad guys will always exist but we have got to stop fighting amongst ourselves to save innocent lives.