Why I Believed
Why I Believed by Kenneth W. Daniels

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not overly impressed with the book but some was interesting. Too many times, there were comments such as”see chapter 8″ or more in chapter #. I did find his logical reasoning interesting.
I have found most people I know that have left religion have very similar reasons and to many people’s surprise it is not that we are mad at god. How can we be mad at something we find ourselves not believing in? Leaving religion and coming “out of the closet” as an agnostic or stheist is very difficult and we face great risks in doing so. It is nice for us that more people are “coming out” so we can be true to ourselves and not feel so alone. I have felt this way for 20+ years and am finally okay with it thanks to people like this author.

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