Today, I was not in a very happy mood. It was my shopping day and I hate shopping. It was supposed to snow and it didn’t and I am worried about the drought. I was hoping hubby would go Christmas shopping with me but he didn’t want to. I am feeling stressed trying to figure out gifts for my kiddo. No one was willing to go shopping with me at all and I like the company and help when I go on Sundays and I am hurting. Just a bunch of stuff just adding up.

So I head out and go to the mall and try to get some ideas for my kiddo and finish for my husband. I go into JC Penney and see a gal I know and her two adorable kids. When they see me, they both run over to me and hug me so tight. That immediately was a boost to my day. How can you stay down when you get little people hugs? After a brief visit with them, I head to Albertson’s to get food. I am all decked out in my Bronco gear, jersey, coat, Santa hat. What I normally wear when it is football season when I go out. I am always surprised with how people act with me when i am all decked out. In the mall and at Albertson’s, I have people come up to me, out of the blue, to talk football. They talk about players, teams, games, etc. They compliment me on my attire, ask me who is playing whom that week, etc. That always just makes me chuckle inside. I will admit, except at games, I never see anyone as decked out for their team as I do, and my car is decorated, too. I often tell people I  need more- Bronco jeans, shoes, scarf, etc.

When grocery shopping, so often I have baggers that are just worthless and i practically rebag everything as I am loading my car. They put bananas with canned goods, bread with heavy items, etc. It is so frustrating that they do not use common sense. I used to have a great bagger but he changed departments and I haven’t had anyone decent since. I actually pick my line by my bagger. Today I had a young man, Conner, who I am have seen before. When I got to my car, I found out that he did a GREAT job. I am not a person that is quick to complain to management but do it occasionally but I am quick to compliment so I walked back into the store. I went to the young man and asked his name. I could tell that he wondered why I asked but told me. I told him that he was the best bagger I had had in a long time. He just lit up and the cashier thanked me for coming back in to let him know. After that, I went to the manager and let her know.  By the time, I pulled out of there, I was in a good mood.

My last stop was the liquor store as I wanted some wine. The lady in front of me was asking if she could get the multibottle discount but since the items she was bying were on sale, she couldn’t. I mentioned the coupon that they have in the paper frequently and she stated she had left hers at home. For some reason, I had brought two in with me, though you can only use one a day. I gave that to her and she was so happy. Such a small gesture but she appreciated it. I always an pleased with how good it feels to do things to make other people happy in some way. Everyone should pay it forward when you can. It will make you happier as well as the recipient of your gesture, no matter how small.

So my bad day turned out decent. I am stull hurting. I couldn’t even carry my purse and it is not heavy due to neck pain and my lower back is in bad shape right now, too. I am stressed about money and work. Nothing really changed but my actions and attitude but they day was good.