How come nobody talks about the big white elephant in the room? Seriously, those that keep waving the unemployment figures act like it’s one person or one party’s fault. Hello, do you drive a Toyota, Mercedes, call on an iPhone, Nexus, sit on furniture from Ikea, watch TV on a Samsung or Sony, shave with a Braun razor, take pictures with a Nikon or Panasonic, wear Gucci or Armani, shop on Amazon, or Walmart? Does it bother anyone that when you call ANY company for tech support you get the most polite people you ever met and they’re probably talking to you at 4 am their time? Does it not bother you that the banks charge you more if you want to talk to a real person instead of online. How is it we pretend not to notice that most of our clothes are made in sweatshops in China? A simple action such as buying music- we used to have record houses press vinyl into discs which were shipped to your neighborhood record store by delivery vans. Now you download from iTunes Store. The radio disc jockeys that told you who was new and hot are replace by Arbitron robots that play the same songs in rotation all day long. Awhile back I justified it by saying we had lost pride in what we manufactured so we deserved it until we woke up.

But no it’s much bigger than that. When GM reclaimed every single one of their EV electric cars and crushed them in the desert it was because they had made them so GOOD that they weren’t selling replacement parts that they normally made a killing on. That technology had to be destroyed so that no one could copy it. Industries that get subsidized (gas & nuclear power) are doing their best to kill subsidies for industries like wind & solar.

Climate change is an illusion and that plastic rubbish island in the middle of the ocean the size of Texas is no big deal.

And those that argue for pro life are the same ones that look the other way when someone can’t afford a medical procedure. And those that are poor should be charged more for borrowing money because they’re a bigger risk- which means they never will move out of poverty. For over a thousand years the churches frowned on that practice and called it usury. Moneylenders were allowed to recoup their expenses from lending but not use it to suck the life out of their neighbors.

The next time you call AT&T and press over 20 choose 1 for this and 2 for that and wait 50 minutes before you get through their “we are experiencing extremely high call volumes” bs just remember that they were once a monopoly but thank goodness that was broken up right? As they continue to buy up all the competition. And layoff all the workers.   You’re right, it’s so much easier on the conscience to place the blame on a political party or someone in office…