The Tapioca Miracle Demo Recording! by Daniel Kazemi — Kickstarter

via The Tapioca Miracle Demo Recording! by Daniel Kazemi — Kickstarter.

I received an invote to this event from a friend of mine, Eric Coble,  on Facebook recently. I figured it had something to do with a play he had written but took my time going to the event page. When I went this morning, I was so excited to find that he has co-written a play that is trying to go to Broadway. There are steps they have to do and fundraising is, of course, part of this. I am hoping that the more people I share with, he can get the money needed. You can donate as little as $1 and every dollar counts.

Eric and I went to college together here in Colorado. He is a Durango High School graduate and then graduated from Ft Lewis college. He is a great guy, good friend, loving father and husband. I am hoping that I can help him reach this goal by not only donating myself but trying to get others to donate something. Please, help support the arts. They are so important to us all.