A couple of years ago, I decided to try a new treatment for my migraines. I actually went in very skeptical but figured anything was worth a try. I have a friend, also my chiropractor, who also does accupuncture. I went in to see her for this. I had headaches almost daily and was taking a lot of meds to try and at least make them tolerable. They seemed to be getting worse in severity so I had to try something new.  I ended up doing about 8-10 treatments, ending in February of that year and DID NOT HAVE ANOTHER MIGRAINE until AUGUST. I was shocked. So for the past two years, I have hardly had to use migraine meds and go in about every 5-6 months to get another round of accupuncture treatments. It is not a horrible treatment. Most of the needles, you do not feel at all. What I found interesting though is the ones that hurt real bad at the beginning of a series of treatments, don’t hurt at the end. I have now realized when they quit hurting, I am done with the treatments for a while.

This was so worthwhile for me and I highly recommend anyone that suffers from chronic headaches to try and find a good accupunturist and give it a whirl.