I sure hope that is true cuz I ahve had the week from hell.

Monday morning, my sister’s ex-husband (and nephews father) died in a bar fight  in Denver. He was standing up for a female bartender that was being harrased by a couple of guys and ended up dead. We do not know all the details yet but we are all in shock and saddened by his death. I was not close to him and for the past 9 years have had little to do with him but he is still my nephews dad. He was my sister’s first love. They are both hurting adn therefore, I am hurting.

Yesterday, I had that co-worker go loco on me. I am so glad that I was able to resist and not get drawn into her stupidity as I didn’t get into trouble at all and her job is on the line now. I still cannot believe that she pulled that all in front of patients either. If she had a problem with me, she should have taken me aside and spoken to me vs going off on me, dropping every foul word out there and yelling at me in front of everyone.

Then this morning, I am in a good mood. It is Pay It Forward Day. I am driving to work  and school with my kids. We are a couple of cars behind a school bus and it is making frequent stops to pick up kids. Well, during one stop, I stop and the gal behind me doesn’t. She decides to drive her 2006 beautiful bright yellow Corvette into and under the rear of my husbands company car- a Dodge Journey.  I did manage to flag down a bus for my kids so they could get to school. My friend the State Patrolman came to the scene and took care of everything. I am just real glad that everyone is okay. I am truly sad about her car. Our car isn’t bad. I have made the calls I need to make and my car is drivable.  She was ticketed as she was completely at fault. I know it could have been worse but I am done with the bad stuff. I am avoiding that co-worker today.

I am really hoping that this is the end of the badness for the week as right now, I want to crawl into bed and hide from the world for a day or two.