This is a book I recently read by John Grisham.  It is his first and only true story that he has written at this time.

This is the story of a murder in small town America that two men were railroaded into confessing to the crime. Both were innocent and spent years in prison, one on death row, for this crime. This story is scary to see how the law and justice can get twisted. It is frustrating to see how sometimes the law can focus on one person of interest and ignore other clues and people. This was a very good book and a good read, just expect to be angry a lot of the time. It is horrible that a mentally ill person can be singled out for a crime he didn’t commit just because he is mentally ill and lives near where the crime took place. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time- usually to the poor, homeless, mentally ill, and minorities.

I have this book listed as available on my bookcrossing list and will eventually be passing it on to another bookcrosser.