There is a gal I work with that when she isn’t nuts is so nice but there are days that she is just nuts. It is bad enough that she has visions of being better than everyone else and more important. She has the same job I do but gives herself titles all the time that make her seem more important. Drives us all nuts but I can brush that off but today this woman came up to my desk and just started cursing me out. Something was done wrong, maybe by me, maybe not, I don’t know but I was not about to fight with her in front of patients and she was cursing like crazy. I wonder why they keep her in this office. So many patients really like her cuz they do not truly know her. I liked her at first, too, but when a worker tells a patient to fuck off, she should be fired. She used that language with me today, too. It was so hard to jsut tell her to stop and not fall into her games but I did not. She ended up in trouble and I did not as I was able to control myself. It is not like we do not have enough stress in my job right now. I sure wish she would leave. I don’t like working with her when she is like this and it is always real bad this time of year.