I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember. I was reading when I was four, and pretty well at that. I remember being sent down to the principals office in Kindergarten so I could read to him. I would read in class and have always carried a book with me just about everywhere I go. As I grew older, I developed a love for the horror genre. I would tackle every Stephen King book as soon as it came out, as well as Dean Koontz.

 As I got older, life got in the way of my reading and reading became a serious luxury. Kids, works, being a wife, etc. all got in the way. I went many years that I hardly read at all and I truly felt something was missing from my life. Ten years ago, I started a job that enabled me to read to my hearts content. I read constantly and also found out about bookcrossing.com at that time. 

 One of my issues with my passion for reading is not ever remembering what I had read. I hated getting into a book and then remembering everything, especially if it was a book that I wasn’t that thrilled with in the first place. I also had become a book hoarder and didn’t have the room for all my books and really couldn’t justify buying them all the time and, as much as I love the library, it is not the way I prefer to get books.

After reading about bookcrossing in several publications over a couple of years, I finally decided to check it out and joined it on Jan, 2004.  Ever since, I have kept track of every book I  have read and, if they were a bookcrossing book, I can go back and see what I thought of the book and who I gave it to.

The premise of bookcrossing is that the world is a library and books should not be sitting on bookshelves waiting to be read. they get lonely and need to be shared so bookcrossing encourages “wild releases” of books. You leave a labeled book somewhere and someone else picks it up and enjoys it. You hope they will also journal it and pass it on to someone else so the book can keep on traveling. I thought this would help me declutter my books but I actually have more books than I did years ago, though I have read and given away or released hundreds of books in the past 6 years.  I have also aquired books through purchases and from other bookcrossers. Many have been in trades or bookrays or rings but some have even come to me as a surprise as a Random Act of Bookcrossing Kindness (RABCK). Those always seem to come when I most need them. Thanks to all that have given me books lile this. I will say, as much fun as it is to receive a book like that, I also equally enjoy sending the books out though I do not do it often. The post office is so inconvenient now that I work full time.

I started this particular post cuz someone asked me for a recommendation of some books to read. Due to bookcrossing and my page there, I was able to go through all the books I have read in the past six years and give a list of some of the best ones I have read.  I even still had one to share with her and passed it on to her yesterday. I am going to do a post on those books and from now on, will post on a book that I find extra special.