Once again, I am perplexed by people. I am on FB and occasionally will post something that supports my political/religious beliefs. Some have been jokes, some are very serious. What I am finding though, is so many right-wingers find the need to attack me for my beliefs instead of stating their point or just ignoring the post. When my many right-wing friends post their stuff I don’t say anything and definitely do not attack them. I do have one person hidden as everything he posted had to do with god or the  republican agenda. Instead of me telling him how stupid he was all the time, I chose to ignore the posts. I eventually hid him since I was tired of seeing it every time I looked at FB. It is not like I post this stuff all the time. It is actually quite rare for me to do so so why can’t those few right-wing friends (mostly family) just let it go and accept that is my view and ignore those occasional posts. I have now hidden a member of the family cuz I am tired of her attacking me. SHe states that it shows up on her FB and doesn’t like looking at it but I see a lot of postings I don’t like or disagree with- anti-gay, pro-lifers, god this, god that, anti- Democrat, right-wing CRAP IMO but I bite my tongue. I just want the same respect and not to have her come to MY FB page and spew her closemindedness there. It is people like her that drive people like me more and more to the left as we see the damage they do.

The latest one was a post asking people to sign an online petition asking CBS to NOT air a Focus on the Family ad during the Superbowl. That group scares me. They support the abstinence only programs that have been proven to not work. That is why teen pregnancies are on the rise again. They are anti-abortion for any reason. I am not proabortion but am pro-choice. I want my daughters and granddaughters to have the right to make that decision in a safe way if they want to or if they NEED to for whatever reason. Banning abortion does not stop it, it just makes it more dangerous. I am offended that CBS would air such a commercial during the Superbowl. We have the right-wing crap shoved down our throat enough that having it done during the SB just is too much. Then, I found out that they turned away and refused to do an ad from another church that supports gay rights- not for the SB but in 2004 for something else. Said it was too controversial and this ISN’T???? Let’s be fair and stop FoTF from airing this ad.

If you want to sign the petition or learn more  please, go to http://www.change.org/actions/view/tell_cbs_reject_focus_on_the_family_ad_or_accept_united_church_of_christ_ad