Well, today I lost another person that I love dearly. Ace was one of those people that the moment you met her, you felt like family. She was nice to everyone. She was energetic, fun, sweet, and just all around one of the neatest people I have ever known. She and I went to the same high school but she graduated 13 years before I did. We never met until 11 years ago at a reunion for my school. Immediately, there was a connection and for the following 11 years, this woman and her family meant the world to me. I have only been physically with her a handful of times but those times will be in my memories forever. We kept most of our contact via chat rooms and phone calls.  I will always remember her relationship with my children. Unfortunately, the two younger ones barely remember her but they sure loved her when they were young. She and my second daughter loved getting each other with water guns on the beach and she loved snuggling with my baby boy and he loved singing The Banana Boat Song to her when he was just three. She thought that was so cute. Everytime I spoke to her, she asked about my son. She kind of adopted him in her heart but I think she did that with everyone. Life was never boring with her around and it was usually full of life, energy, and laughter. I will truly miss this wonderful person being in my life and it just pains me that she died so young of such a horrible disease (cancer) when so many jerks live to ripe old ages. I just don’t get it. So many people are saying, now she is with god, etc but I do not find that comforting. I am comforted that she isn’t suffering anymore but if there is a god, I am once again angry- not only that she is gone but that she had to suffer like this to begin with. Now her family is without her, our very close high school family is without her and life will never be the same and neither will a single reunion. It saddens me so to know that she will never be at another reunion with us all. I will miss her lively spirit and say goodbye to someone who feels almost like a sister to me.

In the past few months,  it seems I am mourning a lot again. I had an acquaintence shoot himself, a young gal I know and cared for died in a tragic accident and now this. It feels like 3 years ago all over again. Hopefully, this is the end of the deaths for a while. In the mean time, I hope that all of us who loved and knew Ace can heal and enjoy many stories of her in the future.