After my previous post, I am extremely dumbfounded. I shared it on my FB and was immediately attacked by family. I wonder why they took what I posted as attacking their beliefs and stating that they cannot have Christmas. In no way shape or form, did I say that they were wrong for wanting or needing their Christian holiday. They completely missed the point of the message. Are people like that so insecure in themselves that they cannot take something like what I wrote as not attacking and judging. I haven’t opened a Bible in years but I do know that the man they proclaim to follow, aka Jesus Christ, told his followers not to judge lest they be judged. When did the Christian church quit teaching that? Don’t they know that is what makes us non-Christians want to attack them? it kind of defeats the purpose and definitely does not want to lead us back into the fold. No way, no how do I ever want to be part of that hypocrisy again.