Well,  since school started and DH started his new job, our lives sure have been busy. I have been a single mom a lot of the time. The fall is always that way to an extent due to coaching for hubby but this year, he has been out of town several times. it has been quite an adjustment for me and the kids but I think it is going well for us.  We have got some routines down and are actually doing quite well.  Football is now officially over and now wrestling has begun. Hubby is so busy with the job training and the coaching all the time. I really need to find the time to work on my business and maybe make a little extra money. Emotionally, I am doing pretty damn good. I still am getting frustrated with him from time to time but we are getting better.

 We seem to be past our crisis so maybe I can start blogging about other things too so watch for that. I am going to find the time to do this much more often now.