I was so pleasantly pleased the other night, he came home and I noticed his ring is on. I didn’t say anything but he knows I noticed. I guess things are improving in his mind. I know it helps that I am so supportive of this job change. I am so glad he is doing this. He needed a change and now with the way they company is treating him, it is getting nasty. I am so ashamed that a catholic company is treating him so badly.  It is definitely not Christian like. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I have seen so much like this in my life. That is one of the reasons that I distanced myself from the church and religions.

I am just so encouraged right now that my life is turning around for the good again. Maybe that is why I held on through such bad times. I was hoping it would get better and maybe I believed it somewhere deep inside and that is what gave me the strength to go on.