I can honestly say I haven’t had a day like this in so long. First I woke up feeling pretty good. No headache or major pain. That is rare for me. At work, I found out that not only have we hired someone for the FT position next to me but it is someone that I really like that has been with us PT for almost a year. She is so good at her job and I don’t have to train anyone either. The relief knowing the days of being majorly short-handed at work are over is phenomenol

The last and best thing is my husbands job. It has come through and we can start moving on to the changes. I do know that not everything about it will be good and there iwll be major adjustments but I am truly hoping that his being happy at work will help him to be happy at home. To top it off, through all this job stuff, he has been telling me before his best buddy, coming down to my office to tell me. I can tell we are reconnecting already. Now to get him to just put on his damn ring.