Well, this past week sure has been interesting. I went up to see my daughter and brought her her things. We had an okay visit but she wasn’t feeling well and was a bit crabby. It is nice to see how well she adjusting though. She really likes her campus and is making friends. She likes her classes and the new found freedom. I am so glad that we treated her so much like a responsible adult the past couple of years cuz she is handling things so well.

On the other side of my life, my marriage. I still think things are getting better. I am still feeling a bit neglected BUT I do think he is trying. I honestly think he is as confused as I am. He talks about a future with me daily now but still doesn’t wear his ring. This baffles me. His professional world is about to change and I will write more about that once it is finalized and we have details BUT things are looking better for him. I truly think if he is happy in his job again maybe he will be happier with me. He actually came down and told me the news right away and we have talked a lot about the changes coming and how we both feel about it. I do think that he is really surprised at how good i feel about this. I feel this is a great change though there will be major adjustments for all of us. I would have hated this job years ago but now that the kids are older, I think it will not be a problem. I do love him and do think he still loves me.