I have recently read 2 books that I found to be quite interesting.

The first one was One Nation Under God. Whoa, what an intense book. It is book I think everyone should read though the extremists would probably not get it or like it. I do know that us non-believers or agnostics or non-Christians definitely can relate to this book. It is so scary to see how things can be  if we continue on this “We are a Christian Nation” nonsense. Those of us that are not Christian have a right to our beliefs, too. We can be just as moral as they are but we just do not have the fear of hell to keep us straight. We are moral cuz we are just that way. How many Christians out there have done horrible things. What is even worse, how many of them have done those things in the name of God. Any extremists of any religion are dangerous whether it is Muslum, Christian, hindu, etc.

The Second book was Escape by Carolyn Jessop. Wow, that woman was brave and an inspiration to me.  She went against all odds and has saved not only herself but her kids from that cult- the FDLS. If she could keep going through all she had to, I really have no excuse to complain about my life. It actually is pretty damn good.