Wow, I cannot believe the change that is about to take place in my life. My eldest daughter is moving away. Granted it is not THAT far but she will be 8 hours away going to college. This is such a bittersweet time for me. On one hand, I am so excited for her. She has worked to hard. She was valedictorian in HS. Has gotten near perfect grades for years. Volunteered, worked hard, helped me, etc. She is an amazing human being that can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. On the other hand, I am going to miss her terribly. I am used to her being gone for up to 3 weeks in the summer but she will not be home probably until Christmas as she is in the marching band at CSU and will be marching all fall. I will miss her laugh, I will miss sitting in her room talking to her. I will miss our girls nights. I will miss watching her and listening to her and her siblings play and laugh. I will NOT miss her nasty bossiness with them though. I am also going to worry a bit. That is my job. I hope she can stay smart, especially with the door opening up with all the young men that she is going to meet. I hope she stays safe and remembers all she has learned in karate in earning that black belt of hers. I also will worry when she comes home in the winter and drives over the mountains in the snow for the first time. It is time to let go and watch her fly away but there is a part of me that sure wants to hold on tight and still sees that adorable little girl with the frizzy hair.

In the mean time, our family dynamics will change.  We have 2 other children at home. It will be interesting to see how not having big sis at home affects their behavior and sense of responsibility. I am hoping this will be good for my 2nd daughter. Following in her sisters footsteps has not been easy. I wouldn’t have wanted to follow in her footsteps.