Well, I am excited yet nervous at the same time. Things are going pretty well with my husband and I lately. We are laughing, playing, goofing off and better yet, being intimate with each other. Yet, he is still not wearing his wedding ring again. That bothers me so much. All these years, he had an excuse to not wear it. Technically, he wasn’t supposed to with his job for safety but he always had it on. His not wearing it makes me feel so insecure in our future. Maybe I am making too much of it. He is acting more of himself with me, we are talking a lot- even about important things. I am still having to be the initiator in most things but it feels better to me.

We have something big going on right now that I think could be huge for us. He has been unhappy at his job for a long time. I will admit, I have not been real supportive on his changing jobs in the past. I do not want to move again and the opportunities locally suck for change in his field. I have spent my life moving and not being part of a community. I have roots here now. I want to stay here. I definitely did not want to move somewhere horrible for me again. I was miserable in the mid-west when we were there. He has done so much at his current job and really deserves more pay and recognition. I know that. For me, I am content with our quality of life but I don’t think he is. He wants more. Well, he has had something come up that may make a huge difference for him and we wouldn’t have to move. I think that if this goes through, it may make a world of difference for us all. I am hoping we know something by the end of this month.