Relationships are never easy. When we are young, we watch movies, read books, and fantasize about the perfect relationship. For so many years I thought I had that one though I was afraid to really believe that. I was raised in a home where I thought that my parents had the perfect marriage. I NEVER saw them argue and I never heard them really say any harsh words to each other but  even their marriage didn’t last. Eventually, I found out that my dad, like many men, couldn’t keep his pants on for those 20 years of their marriage. That did make me skeptical about marriage and made it very hard to trust my husband. Until a year ago, I never had any doubts about his fidelity but then a year ago, suddenly, I was not able to look at anything on his PC or his emails anymore. We have always been very open and shared everything. Now there is a part of me that will probably never trust him again completely. I hate that. I really do not think he has cheated. I know where he is most of the time but……men all think with their small brains. I know this is a bit harsh to the men out there that do stay faithful but I just really do not trust men in that department. 

 Now, I am watching my 18 year old daughter have the fantasies and I am scared that she is setting such high expectations that she will never be able to have a healthy relationship. She watches all these romantic movies over and over again.  How do I tell her that no man will live up to her expectations without telling her not to have high standards? This really sucks. At 18, she has yet to have her first kiss. She has hardly dated and now is going off to college. I so worry about her and relationships. I want her to be happy in 20 years and if that includes a relationship, I want it to be a good one.