Tuesday morning, he comes home and acts so glad to see me but since then, he seems annoyed that i am around. I was leaning on him watching TV for afew minutes last night and then decided I was going to bed. I went over to give him a kiss goodnight and he snapped at me and stated i was all over him. I felt crushed. I just told him that I was kissing him goodnight and went to bed. I tried to not make a big deal of it and went to bed. He came to bed about 30 minutes later but stilldidn’t act as if he wanted to touch me. How can he go from wanting to make love to not wanting to touch me.  My older sister told me to act and live like life is the way I want it to be so I am trying to stay positive but at times, it is so hard. I love him and want him to get past all the crap that has built up for so long.

I have asked him to go out on Friday night and he still has not really responded. I have asked him to have a family day on Sunday. We only have 2 more weekends left before our oldest moves out so I want to enjoy what we have left together. I hope i can get him to do both. We will not get better if we do not have fun together again. I am going to keep on trying as i KNOW we are worth it.