Well, my husband made it home super late last night. He had some flight issues so was delayed several house. I will say I was nervous about him comng home and how he was going to act with me.  Since it was after 130 am when he got home we didn’t have a ot of time together but we did talk for a few minutes before we went to bed. He did truly act like he was happy to see me though and was quite affectionate. We haven’t had any time together today cuz of work and football but he is being pleasant.  I have asked him to go out on Friday night but he hasn’t really stated yes or no yet. He wants to see how he feels as he will work all day and have football but i really hope he says yes. I KNOW we need to make the time for each other.

I feel real bad for what I am about to write but it is how I feel. I found out a bit about my BIL and SILs divorce. I am so glad that he didn’t leave her. She chose to end the marriage for another man. As sad as I am for him and the kids, I am so glad that my husband is seeing someone that wanted to fix a marriage that he loves and feels bad for. He is still not wearing his ring BUT I am hopeful. We will see what happens. I cannot predict the future but know that I am so thrilled he is home and love him so much. I am glad he is home.