I was actually in a very good mood this morning when I woke up and until I spoke to my husband I felt pretty darn good. He didn’t do anything wrong, I just found out another of his brothers is getting a divorce. I did not see that coming and it makes me so sad. I also have no idea how this will affect us, if at all. Will it help him decide to leave me? Will it hemp him see we are worth fighting for? I have done a lot of thinking the past few days about us and why I want us to make it. A lot of it is our history. It has been so good and fun. Some of it is our kids, some of it is security and financial issues but the main thing is, damn it, I still love him. I miss him when we are not together. I enjoy being with him. He makes me laugh. I respect him. I think he is an amazing person and I don’t want him to not be part of my every day life. I just hope that some day, he can feel the same way about me again.