Today was a relatively quiet and long day. Facebook was real quiet cuz everyone was out and about. I tried to have a workshop/ sale for my CM business but it was, once again, a flop. I did have one person show up right after I gave up on anyone coming and had put everything away. She did order $40 worth of product and I also had $130 in sales on the web today so I now will have enough to keep going for another quarter. I really thought I was going to have to let it go just when things are starting to look up. I have a cople of people that are turning into decent customers and the gal tonight was a new customer so that is good, too.

I have gotten a few updates from Vegas and photos have been posted on FB already. It looks like everyone is having a blast. Sure makes me want to be at a re. I have got to try and get to Orlando next year. Maybe I can start setting aside money now.

I did hear from DH once today. He sounds like he is having a good time. I am so glad and he stated I was missed. That is nice to hear, too. I cannot wait to see wedding photos.

 Since I had no customers today, I spent the day scrapping and reading. I have managed to read a lot in my book today and also got about 20 pages done in an album. I am so stoked on what I accomplished. Overall it was a good day but I cannot wait to see my hubby again.

We also got some exciting news today. Our eldest is going to be a freshman in college(Colorado State University) this year. It has been a dream of hers to march in a major event for years and she found out tonight that she and her band will be marching at Mile High Stadium on October 11 at the Bronco vs Patriots game. This is so exciting for her for the band thing and she is also, like her mom, a huge Broncos fan.